Everything Can and Must!


We change for you! From 2021 on we will organize an annual festival. With an exciting program of innovative events. For more diversity, more movement, more experimentation. In addition to venues in Leverkusen, we invite you to our new festival locations in Wuppertal, Berlin and Bitterfeld. Be curious and break new cultural ground with us. We are looking forward to meeting you!



© Christoph Seidler


State of the art is a need, an attitude
and a commitment: everything can and must be done.

We start where others stop.
State of the art is not the goal, but only the first step.
How stupid then would it be to set limits for ourselves?

We want to overcome precisely these limits,
Seeing and promoting new things, taking different paths,
to obtain other results.
To give something back to people, to society.
Nothing for everyone, something for everyone.

Connecting instead of separating,
Experiment instead of everyday life,
Open instead of upside down,
Diversity instead of simplicity,
Movement instead of standstill.

Everything is possible.
Everything can and must.
Thomas Helfrich