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Team Arts & Culture
Thomas Helfrich © Chris Rausch

Thomas Helfrich
Head of Bayer Arts & Culture
0214 30-41271

Marnie Schreiber-Pogadl © Chris Rausch

Marnie Schreiber-Pogadl
Administrative Assistance
0214 30-41271

Frank Sülzen (c) Chris Rausch

Frank Sülzen
Administration | Contract management | Controlling
0214 30-62963

Christoph Böhmke (c) Chris Rausch

Christoph Böhmke
stARTfestival Management 0214 30-41273

Carolin Sturm (c) Chris Rausch

Carolin Sturm
Cultural Outreach
0175 3041274

Andrea Peters (c) Chris Rausch

Andrea Peters
Arts Management
0214 30-41275

Bettina Welzel (c) Chris Rausch

Bettina Welzel
Dance | Artistic Operations Office | Rent | Customer Service
0214 30-41276

Carolin Siebert © Chris Rausch

Carolin Siebert
Press and Public Relations | Marketing
0173 6619204




Technical Team
Roland Tebarth (c) Chris Rausch

Roland Tebarth
Technical Management
0214 30-41262

Bärbel Schadwinkel © Chris Rausch

Bärbel Schadwinkel
Assistant Technical Management

Sven Jurgeit (c) Chris Rausch

Sven Jurgeit
Head of House Inspection

Michael Kalis (c) Chris Rausch

Michael Kalis
Head of Lighting

Paul Strehlow (c) Chris Rausch

Paul Strehlow
Head of Sound Engineering

Sönke Feuser (c) Chris Rausch

Sönke Feuser
Head of Workshop, Stage Technology

Horst Krohn (c) Chris Rausch

Horst Krohn
Stage Engineering

Guido Paulus (c) Chris Rausch

Guido Paulus
Stage Engineering

Julian Fiedler © Chris Rausch

Julian Fiedler
Event Engineering

Stefano Pavesio (c) Chris Rausch

Stefano Pavesio
Event Engineering

Linus Burgmüller (c) Chris Rausch

Linus Burgmüller
Event Engineering

Dominic Limbach (c) Chris Rausch

Dominic Limbach
Trainee Event Engineering