Ein kleiner Konzertraum mit einer Bühne mit Flügel und einigen kleinen Sitzgruppen davor

Dear audience,

Thomas Helfrich © Chris Rausch

Bayer AG has been involved in cultural activities since 1907, opening the Erholungshaus as its own theater and concert hall in Leverkusen in 1908. Originally founded to improve the quality of life of the company’s employees, Bayer Arts & Culture has since developed its own very special profile.


Since 2021, we have been inviting culture enthusiasts to events at Bayer’s sites in Leverkusen, Wuppertal, Berlin and Bitterfeld as part of the "stARTfestival". Offers for children and young people (frühstART), theater education workshops and the stARTacademy support initiative round off the program.

We feel that it’s important to support our artists, ensembles, companies and projects. Alongside the stARTfestival, our commitment is a kind of cultural sponsorship and something that is very close to our hearts.
Thomas Helfrich
Head of Bayer Arts & Culture

Bayer’s cultural commitment differs from that of other companies. For more than a decade, the stARTacademy has been fostering young music, dance and film talents. Bayer Arts & Culture provides the artists with financial and non-material support for their individual career planning. In this way, Bayer's cultural department is making a contribution that has an impact on society.


We look forward to our cultural encounters with you.


Your Bayer Arts & Culture team