Festival Locations

In the future, you will be able to experience our festival events at Bayer’s locations in Berlin and Bitterfeld as well as at our familiar venues in Leverkusen and Wuppertal.


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Home venues in Leverkusen

The Erholungshaus. Opened by Bayer AG in 1908 as cultural center, it is the oldest theater venue in Leverkusen. Versatile and diverse. The home venue for the stARTfestival. With the opening event. With our stART artist Fatma Said. With stars like Anne Sofie von Otter and Dominique Horwitz. With exclusive programs and guest performances. Other venues in and around Leverkusen include the Scala in Opladen, the Herz Jesu church in Wiesdorf and the Altenberg Cathedral.


Nobelstrasse 37,
51373 Leverkusen,
Tel. 0214 30-41283

Kölnticket advance ticket sales
Lotto am Markt
Peter-Neuenheuser-Straße 1
51379 Leverkusen, Germany
Tel. 02171 47713

Scala Club
Uhlandstrasse 9, 51379 Leverkusen, Germany


Altenberg Cathedral
Ludwig-Wolker-Str. 4, 51519 Odenthal-Altenberg, Germany


Herz Jesu church
Wiesdorfer Platz, 51373 Leverkusen, Germany



Stadthalle Wuppertal

Palace of Culture:
The Historic Town Hall in Wuppertal

An almost magical place for music. There is hardly a better way to describe the Historische Stadthalle Wuppertal than the great pianist Hélène Grimaud. Acoustically one of the best concert halls in Europe, architecturally a magnificent Art Nouveau building on the Johannisberg in Wuppertal. A palace of culture.


Built between 1895 and 1900 and since then inseparably linked to the success story of Bayer AG, which began in Wuppertal-Barmen in 1863 with the founding of the company "Friedr. Bayer et Comp. As a venue, the Stadthalle continues to inspire and enthuse even internationally renowned artists* and orchestras, who are regular guests from all over the world. The Historische Stadthalle Wuppertal: Simply outstanding.


Historische Stadthalle Wuppertal
Johannisberg 40
42103 Wuppertal
Phone +49 202 24589-0


prime-time-theater-berlin_620x360px_-c-_prime-time-theater (1).png

Jazz Mecca:
The Prime Time Theater in Berlin

Berlin snout. An institution. Founded in 2003 by the two actors Constanze Behrends and Oliver Tautorat, the Prime Time Theater changed venues several times until it found its home. In Wedding.

For many colleagues* due to the proximity to the Bayer site the second living room. 2012 with the Berlin Bear as Awarded the Audience Prize, the theatre became known beyond the city limits, especially through "Good Wedding, Bad Wedding". The first theatre sitcom in the world. A parody of typical television formats. Hilarious. Typical Berlin.


Prime Time Theater
Müllerstr. 163
13353 Berlin
Phone +49 30 49907958

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Theater und Konzertkasse
Karstadt Wedding
Müllerstr. 25
13353 Berlin
Phone +49 30 46060883


kulturhaus-bitterfeld_620x360px_-c-_r.doppelbauer.bmp (1).png

Temple of the Muses:
The Municipal Culture House in Bitterfeld-Wolfen

Film and colour. A hall for entertainment evenings. Built in 1927 for the employees* of Filmfabrik Wolfen, because the factory's own dining hall had become too small. Not only did Bitterfeld continue to grow, but so did the cultural programme.


Then as now, the Kulturhaus is an important municipal meeting place for the entire region. People from home and abroad were and are drawn to the town. In 1974 punk icon Nina Hagen came and presented her legendary song "Du hast den Farbfilm vergessen". 1991 saw the foundation of Bayer Bitterfeld GmbH. We celebrate our 30th birthday in Bitterfeld together with the Kulturhaus, which in turn celebrates 30 years of municipal sponsorship. We say congratulations!


Städtisches Kulturhaus Bitterfeld-Wolfen
OT Wolfen
Puschkinplatz 3
06766 Bitterfeld-Wolfen
Phone +49 3494 6660666

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Reisebüro Bier
Brehnaer Str. 34
06749 Bitterfeld
Phone +49 3493 660022