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Simply enter the relevant word or phrase in the text box (1) and press Enter or click Search. You can refine a search by entering more words; simply leave a space between each word. The search will then be restricted to pages that contain all the words you entered.


Select All Bayer Websites Worldwide (3) for a search that covers all publicly accessible internet websites of the Bayer Group throughout the world, as well as all subsidiaries and affiliates in all languages. Select Only this website (4) to restrict the search to the current website only.



  • The search is not case-sensitive, so it doesn’t matter whether you use small or capital letters.

  • Make sure you enter complete words as the search will not find parts of a word.
    E.g. the Spanish brand name Aspirina would not be found in a search for Aspirin.

  • Try synonyms and spelling variations of your search.
    E.g. if the term StockholdersReport does not give the desired results, try searching for Interim Report or Quarterly Report.


Advanced Search

The Advanced Search is also available, for instance, to exclude certain items from a search, limit a search to certain languages or file formats, or change the how results are displayed.


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