Alexej Gerassimez: About drumsticks and brake discs

Alexej Gerassimez© Hayrapet Arakelyan

The drummer Alexej Gerassimez fascinated his audience at the 2022 stARTfestival. Together with Sergey Mikhaylenko, Julius Heise, Lukas Böhm and Nicolai Gerassimez he devoted himself to Simeon ten Holt's Canto Ostinato.

Who are you, what is your passion?

My name is Alexej Gerassimez, I come from Essen, Germany, and am a passionate multi-percussionist.

What connects you to Bayer Arts & Culture?

Bayer Arts & Culture has been an important partner and a great source of support in recent years, which gave me a lot of creative freedom and strong development opportunities.

Why is it good for people to experience culture live again?

A live concert is an experience that cannot be simulated with this intensity on the screen at home. The sparkling atmosphere, the tension in the air as the music anchors us all in the present moment. There is hardly anything that connects people as strongly and wonderfully as music.

What does your art in particular do to you and (presumably) the audience?

In my experience, the drums get people on a deeper level than many other instruments because the rhythm itself is deeply embedded in everyone. What is special about our art is the depth and variety of sounds that we use to tell "stories" on stage and share our enthusiasm.

How many instruments did you bring to the Erholungshaus on April 26?

Many instruments. The stage was packed. In addition to the usual instruments like marimba, vibraphone and more, there were many unusual things like brake discs, water basins, petrol cans, wooden boxes. In short, anything that can be drummed on.

Why the Canto Ostinato? What connects you with ten Holt?

The special thing about the concert is the combination of the Canto Ostinato, a strong and well-known work of "minimal music" with emerging interpolations in which the elements of water, wood, stone and metal make their respective appearances. The audience was able to experience everything that can be done with these elements.


Thank you very much Alexej, it was a vibrant evening!




Key Visual with Alexej Gerassimez © Hayrapet Arakelyan