From a sound installation to a dancing avatar – the “LOST PLACES” art project is located at the heart of an urban environment, Leverkusen’s deserted City C shopping mall, and represents a new departure for Bayer Arts & Culture in collaboration with the Kunstverein Leverkusen.

The idea was to create a temporary exhibition of contemporary art in unused shop windows and business premises. For a limited time, the deserted mall will be a public exhibition space. The theme and title of the exhibition is “Lost Places”. Urban areas are changing and empty department stores can be found in many towns and cities.

LOST PLACES turns the spotlight on the City C mall to show the zeitgeist of its past. At the same time, it is a monument to many forgotten places and memories. The artists have managed to recall the urbanity of past times. However, their works are also a clear indicator of what has always been there and will probably be with us forever – culture.
Extract from the opening address in August 2021 – Thomas Helfrich
Head of Bayer Arts & Culture