Corona Protective Measures

Bayer Kultur Maske
Dear culture enthusiasts,

With the latest Corona Protection Ordinance of April 3rd, access restrictions are no longer valid (proof of vaccination, recovery or testing) for your visit at Erholungshaus. Events can be performed with full occupancy of all seats. If there are any changes to the planning due to the corona virus, we will inform all ticket holders as soon as possible.


Our protection concept for your relaxed visit

Your health is still our top priority. We therefore recommend to continue wearing a medical mouth and nose protection when entering the Erholungshaus and during the events.


Continue to observe the etiquette of sneezing and coughing and keep a sufficient distance from your fellow human beings. You will find disinfectant dispensers in the entrance area.


The general rules of conduct regarding distance, hygiene and masks should be observed in all areas of life appropriately, responsibly and in solidarity.


Please stay at home, if …

… you notice symptoms of the disease yourself. The same applies if you have had contact with a person suffering from COVID-19 or if you have recently been diagnosed with the virus.


Ventilation Systems

With our ventilation systems, we ensure regular air exchange.


Event cancellation

Due to changes in the infection process, events may also be canceled at short notice. Please inform yourself on our website before visiting our events.


Do you have any questions?

Please contact


You will find information on the current Corona Protection Ordinance of North Rhine-Westphalia here.


Thank you very much for your support and understanding!