1. Why did you compose “I Believe” as an non-Jewish?

2. You arranged, produced and wrote the lyrics for “I Believe”. How long did it take to bring this project to life?

3. What does “I Believe” mean to you personally? Did your engagement with “I Believe” change your personal or professional life?

4. What was the biggest challenge during the production of “I Believe”?

5. Are you pleased with the success of the piece - do you see your personal intentions being fulfilled?

6. Did the reactions of the audience match your expectations? Was there a difference between the one in Lodz close to Auschwitz and the others in Winnipeg, Stuttgart and New York for example?

7. Your opus ends in a hopeful way, but doesn’t the subject demand further thoughts on it? Was the problem really solved at the end of the 2nd World War or do we have to learn more from it for today?

8. Do you have any further remarks on this item, or questions you would like to answer?